Monday, October 15, 2007


I feel obliged to update on what has happened since I last wrote on purplepoogle...

I have NOT been cured of my Neopets obsession. Its not as horrible as before, whereby wherever I was, I *had* to be home by 9pm just to visit the Snowager...
I guess my colleague systemworks starting to get uninterested in the game has helped me. We challenge each other in neopets, and we can talk about neopets for quite a fair bit! Thing is, he has the patience to try and make neopoints through restocking Altadorian petpets, and I don't. I'm afraid he's going to catch up to my bank account!

Since I last wrote, here are my neopian achievements:
+ now have 6.85million neopoints in my name

+ completed a World Challenge map and got a White paintbrush and 2000 NP. I am now all for World challenges! I used to do 2 types of WCs - Trouble @ National Neopian and Defender Trainer but now I only do Defender Trainer. National Neopian is getting too difficult!

+ completed Neoquest and gotten a bronze trophy. Yup, no longer need to rely on Pyramids for random events, haha! I'm now in the midst of getting the silver trophy, I'm at level 44 now I think. *blur* When I'm online, I deactivate Javascript to do other stuff though, so that's why I'm not playing as intensely as before. After this, I'll play Nq2 because systemworks says that its awesome, much better than NQ.

+ gotten a bronze trophy in Defender Trainer. I'm quite good at it now! =) Of course there's always room for improvement...

+ gotten a Shenkuu trophy (3rd place) for Altador cup. Gosh, if I knew they were giving away Darigan paintbrushes, I would've played a million times more Slushie Slinger!

+ Did a few half-hearted battledome stuff. I've trained SuperLeech up quite a fair bit too... of course, still not as great as she could be...

Aside from trophies and such, I do aim to train SuperLeech a bit more to take part in the next site events that are coming up.

Who else loves the latest games from Neopets? The Search for Princess Lunara is easy neopoints, and so is Mop N Bop! =)

Monday, May 21, 2007

4 million!

I have gotten 4 million neopoints. :P Basically I got 1million np within a month, and now I'm feeling really guilty over the amount of TIME I've spent on the game. Hence I haven't blogged much, although I still play Neopets. I try to curb myself though. I can get about 15K on games within an hour... so there's really no rush. Here's to the next million. ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 33

Daily Puzzle : 300Np
Wheel of Mediocrity : Lost 40Np
Wheel of Excitement : Something mysterious happens (I wasted my money, that's what happened!)
Tombola : Tiki Tack Keyring
Giant Jelly : Strawberry Jelly
Giant Omelette : Sausage Omelette
Shop of Offers : 50Np
Underwater Fishing : Spongy Algae, Blandfish, Mossy Rock
Shenkuu : Moon & Star Stickies
Wheel of Monotony : Lair of the Beast. -___-"

:: YESSSS!! The Pyramids Screen is finally fixed! Now I can get more random events again!! :D ::

Kitchen Quest : Pink Hot Dog (900Np) + Smoked Meridellian Fish (1,050Np) + Lemon & Thornberry Jelly (900Np) + Basket of Bread (200Np).
Total = 3,050Np
You have been given 1078 Neopoints as a reward!

Jolly Jugglers : 6,000Np
Defender Trainer : 3,000Np
Roodoku : 3,000Np
Defender Trainer : 3,000Np
Wingoball : 2,961Np
Petpet Sitter : 2,874Np
Faerie Bubbles : 2,479Np
Sophie's Stew : 2,178Np (how to get trophy like this?!!)
Spiderman Image Quiz : 1,800Np
Fashion Fever : 900Np
Wheel of Slime : 150Np

Total put to bank : 30,725Np
New interest rate : 1,128Np (+10Np)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 32 : Still not Feeling TOO well

Giant Omelette : Sausage Omelette
Giant Jelly : Lemon Jelly
Daily Puzzle : 350Np
Shop of Offers : 100Np ... and then a Ghost steals 100Np to put it on the money tree. T_T
Wheel of Excitement : *something happens... doh*
Wheel of Mediocrity : Its raining fireballs!
Underwater Fishing : Grey Sea Fern, Cinderblock Sea Fungus, Lesser Spotted Fish
Coltzan's Shrine : Sir Temeraire Restored to Full Hit Points (Doh!)
Tiki Tack Tombola : You are a winner! 121 Np + Toenail Soup + Ghost Marshmallows
Shenkuu : Black Cherry Tea
Wheel of Monotony : Yet another lottery ticket!

Crap! I didn't know playing with my Deluxe Tonu Cracker makes it vanish!! *sad*

SirTemeraire says Merry Christmas!!! You pull your Deluxe Tonu Cracker - BANG!, and discover fabulous prizes!!! (Check your inventory)

OH!!! A Joke!!!!

Q.) Why did all the lady mushrooms like to go out with the toad stool?
A.) Because he was a real fungi.

On the other hand, I got stuff that's worth more than the DTC itself :
~ Acara Booster Pack + Purple Acara Balloon + Spotty Stripy Party Hat

::Found 100Np on the floor... is it my own $$??? ::

Defender Trainer : 3,000Np (nowadays I can complete 3 out of 3 games! Have a good feeling about a trophy come June! :p)
Trouble @ National Neopian : 3,000Np
Jolly Jugglers : 3,000Np
Itchy Invasion : 3,000Np
Roodoku : 2,951Np
Wingoball : 2,845Np
Spiderman Image Quiz : 1,800
Fashion Fever : 900
Wheel of Slime : 300

Total put to bank: 22,445Np
New interest rate : 1118Np (+7Np!)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 31 : Back From Sickness

Daily Puzzle :
Giant Jelly : Strawberry Jelly
Giant Omelette :
Snowager : Poisonous Snowball
Underwater Fishing : Grey Sea Fern, Giant Green Kelp x2
Shop of Offers : 50 Np
Wheel of Excitement: 200Np
Wheel of Mediocrity : 100Np
Wheel of Monotony : Lottery Ticket
Shenkuu : Blue Moon Petpet Bed

Defender Trainer : 3,000Np
Itchy Invasion : 3,000Np
Trouble @ National Neopian : 3,000Np
Jolly Jugglers : 3,000Np
Roodoku : 2,972Np
Petpet Sitter : 2,909Np
Wingoball : 2,847Np
Spiderman Image Quiz : 1,800 Np
Fashion Fever : 900Np
Wheel of Slime : 500Np

Total put to bank : 24,584Np
New interest rate : 1,111Np (nice number!)

Too hot in Malaysia to keep on playing.... gahh.. *hungry*

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 30 : Back from Seremban

Back from a too-long trip with my colleagues to a city to the South. Ate not-as-much-as-I-thought-we-were-gonna. Am downloading Bleach and sneaking in some Neopets time even though I'm tired as heck.

Daily Puzzle : 350Np
Tiki Tack Tombola : Semolina & 176Np
Giant Jelly : Glowing Jelly
Giant Omelette : Plain Omelette
Shop of Offers : 50Np
Underwater Fishing : Butterfish, Bucket of Sludge, Giant Brown Kelp
Lunar Temple : Mint Rolls

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 29 : Some Good, Some Better

Tiki Tack Tombola : Winner of 107Np and a Bri Codestone
Giant Jelly : Poisonous Jelly
Giant Omelette : Carrot & Pea Omelette
Desert Fruitmachine : 50Np and a Tchea Fruit
Underwater Fishing : Bag of Broken Neopoints (Cost 315Np to repair, got 1946Np in return!), Old Rotten Left Sandal, Old Rotten Right Boot
Slorg Shop of Offers : 50Np
Wheels : Lost 90Np in total
Kitchen Quest : Drillaroot (30Np) + Vanilla Acara Sandwich Cookie (140Np) + Tigerbuggle Ice Lolly (789Np) + Faerie Queen Burrito (949Np).
Total = 1,908Np
You get a Feepit Usuki Set!!! (worth from upwards of 1000np. :c)
Shenkuu Lunar Temple : Blue Moon Petpet Bed

Defender Trainer : 3,000Np
National Neopian : 3,000Np (I got >5000 again and my score is being reviewed *again*)
Itchy Invasion : 3,000Np
Jolly Jugglers : 3,000Np
Roodoku : 2,941 Np
Wingoball : 2,789Np
Spiderman 3 : 1,800Np
Fashion Fever : 900Np
Wheel of Slime : 500Np

Amount banked in : 21,437Np
New interest rate : 1101Np (+7Np!)